Establishment January 29, 1919 by the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, the prohibition on alcohol sign prohibiting the manufacture, transport, import, export and sale of alcohol.
On 16 January 1920 the measures of prohibition nationally to take effect.

Everything starts in the state of Maine who in 1851 voted the first anti alcohol laws.
Different states joined Maine, and so in 1919 the prohibition was part of the law of 26 of the 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii join the US later).

The stills and distilleries were destroyed by the authorities, and the smuggling of alcohol provide the drink people who had the habit of drinking alcohol.
This smuggling of illegal import was from the neighboring Canada or Islands in the Caribbean or alcohol were legal tender; or this alcohol were clandestinely made into the territory but with a very bad quality and often dangerous for consumers.
Consumption was not prohibited by law, the bars became soda bar and illegal alcohol was inside bars in the famous cellar "speakeasies". Notable frequented these speakeasies, including the mayor of New York at the time, named Jimmy Walker (no relation to the famous Whisky J. Walker).

The biggest smugglers and organized crime had a stranglehold on the liquor traffic in all United States. Illinois and Chicago, Al Capone reigned supreme on all trades with record profits largely due to alcohol smuggling from Canada.

It was repealed December 5, 1933 or there is 30,000 days (24 January 2016), and remains to this day the only amendment to the US Constitution to be repealed in its entirety.