Alcohol = calorie + Carbohydrate ?

Alcohol is often assimilated with calories and carbohydrates (sugar).

But what is it really ?


A gram of pure alcohol contains seven calories.

Be it from wine, beer or spirits is identical.

And 1 gram of carbohydrate contains four calories.


Here are example for the calorie included only with the alcohol.

120ml glass of wine at 12% Vol. = (12*0,8*120) = 100 Kcal

150ml champagne flute at 12% Vol. = (12*0,8*120) = 115 Kcal

Gin Tonic 40ml of Gin at 44 % Vol. + 100ml Tonic = (44*0,8*40 + 25) = 148 Kcal


On carbohydrates and the sugar rate, there is no report of rate of alcohol and rate of sugar.

For information, distilled product do not have sugar (except if added),the wines have sugar naturally present in grapes and beer contains much more.

The Dry Gin do not contains sugar, and the Gin may contains some.

Finally, to stay in the reasonable consumption, prefer the taste of the products and know how appreciate them rather than just like the quantity.

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