Movies and Alcohol


Many famous movies enter in the popular culture when actors or/and actress play with a drink with not only water inside.


  • Only few word like « Shaken, not stirred » with James Bond

Ian Fleming’s super spy is better known as the progenitor of one of the most widely traveled mixological untruths: that a Martini ought to be shaken, not stirred.


  • The barman player with Tom Cruise on “Cocktail

Tom Cruise gets a part time job as a bartender and has known how to become a famous bartender and created cocktails.

  •  The famous adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Long Island-set novel "The Great Gatsby"

During the 20's a New York Trader meet his neighbor... Of the them (the 2013's movie) is played with Leonardo Di Caprio and had great parties with cocktails.


  • The trilogy « The Hangover » by Tood Phillips

A bachelor party started in Las Vegas, but without memory of the previous day and night ! The alcohol help to forget some souvenir but not only.


This is only a little selection of famous movies and alcohol effects